Altium Certification & Training (ACT) programs provide a comprehensive portfolio of training for beginners and experts alike. So whether you are just starting out, have recently upgraded, or would like to advance your skills and have them recognized, there’s an online or face-to-face training program to suite you; it’s time to ACT!

Key benefits

The benefits of Altium Certification & Training:

  • Save time and money by unlocking the full capabilities of Altium’s technologies

  • Speed up your design cycles

  • Create more robust designs

  • Make better design decisions

  • Be recognized for your skills

For a more detailed overview of the programs on offer, read our Training Brochure.

Online or Face-to-Face, the choice is yours

Our online web-based training courses are conducted by our very own Altium engineers. In these short courses you can find out about the latest release and develop skills that will help you quickly get up-to-speed and get the most out of Altium’s solutions.

Altium’s face-to-face training courses are a comprehensive start-to-finish curriculum designed to give attendees the necessary range of skills to get the most out of their design system and gain proficiency in both the basic and advanced features of Altium Designer and the Altium NanoBoard. 

For details about all training session dates, times, locations and how to register click here. 

Custom Training

If your organization has specific training needs that are not covered by one of our general programs, why not order a custom training program? Drawing from our vast library of over 100 training modules, we can custom build a program to meet your time availability and budget. It’s easily the fastest way to get your entire design team up to speed fast.

Training Certificates

Altium Certification is available for all Altium authorized training programs and ensures you get the recognition you deserve for the skills you have acquired.  Furthermore, by attending an Altium authorized training program, you’re assured of receiving the most up to date material covering the latest Altium developments.

Each Altium Certificate carries a unique code. To verify the authenticity of an Altium Certificate, click here.

View free online training videos

At Altium, we understand that designers are busy people and not everyone can make it to a structured training program. If that’s you, why not access Altium’s growing online resource of over 100 videos designed specifically to get you up and running fast. Each video runs for approximately 5 minutes and provides a short, sharp discussion of a key concept or design activity. The videos are grouped into logical themes and are accompanied by a comprehensive search facility so you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for, view the videos.