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Altium solutions span a wide range of industries including communications, automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, science, and consumer electronics. Read our success stories below to find out how companies are using Altium's solutions for next generation product design.

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Altium Designer is being used by students for the first Pico-satellite project at Germany’s Aachen University of Applied Sciences.
Innovative audio equipment manufacturer Accuphase Laboratories uses Altium Designer to create high-performance audio equipment.
Agilent-Qianfeng Electronics Technologies selects Altium technology as most productive solution for their new R&D lab.
Global CNC machine manufacturer ANCA has used Altium Designer to create the advanced electronics for its new cutting-edge machine within record time.
austriamicrosystems is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance standard and customised analogue integrated circuits (ICs).