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Next Generation Electronics Design

We help designers focus on creating new functionality and product differentiation, to build the next generation of electronic products. Our EDA software platform (Electronic Design Automation) helps designers to innovate in a risk-free environment by providing them with the tools and systems they need to generate real solutions for their electronics issues.

Altium Designer

Altium Designer is an EDA software solution that provides the designer with the tools they need to solve engineering problems and create the electronic devices that change the world.

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Support for Flex and Rigid-flex Design.

Enhanced Layer Stack Management.

Support for Embedded Components.

Altium Designer helps you navigate the process of creating new and innovative electronics using Flex and Rigid-flex circuits.

A layer stack manager allows for the definition and naming of primary and sub-stacks on a circuit board for use in a Rigid-flex circuit design.  

Embedding important components within the layers of a circuit structure creates faster, more reliable products that are smaller and have lower production costs.


Because we use Altium Designer, we have been able to complete very complex designs in very short periods of time. For example, we were given a contract for a 12 layer PCB containing a Xilinx high-performance FPGA. The design came with a list of performance targets and a wish list of possible assembly options, but the hardest part was that it needed to be delivered in just four weeks! It was a tight design with a tight deadline. But with Altium Designer, we were able to deliver on schedule and above expectations.

Mike Stengle, Principal,
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